ALL IN ONE polypropylene tool trolley AI1 KT01 GT LINE
  • ALL IN ONE polypropylene tool trolley AI1 KT01 GT LINE
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Polypropylene tool trolley ALL IN ONE AI1 KT01 GT LINE


Trolley for tools in polypropylene ALL.IN.ONE AI1 KT01 GT LINE

Designed for professionals who need to transport a wide variety of tools, electro-tools, components and small parts.
Injection molded, it is lightweight, impact resistant and ideal for use in extreme working conditions.
The front part, protected by the front cover, can accommodate from 3 to 8 removable drawers of varying heights (30, 60, 95 mm) which can in turn be fitted with different configurations, depending on the need: with two-color pre-cubed sponge, with plastic cups of different sizes for small parts, or with tool holder panels designed specifically for small and large hand tools.




The drawers, which allow easy access to the tools, are equipped with a special block that prevents them from accidentally falling out of the guides. A central lock with a key allows you to close both the top and front covers at the same time. A wide selection of optional accessories, such as lid tool panels, pivoting wheel kits and additional containers, is available upon request to make this product your ideal work companion.

General Features:

- Two side
handles - Telescopic handle
- 4 silent and sturdy self-lubricating wheels
- Open drawer locking system
- Removable tray in the upper part
- 5 small parts drawers (2 x WL01 - 2 x WL02 - 1 x WL04)
- Central lock with key
- Name plate
- Lockable with padlock at various points
- Adhesive label for contents identification
- Great variety of additional accessories
- Exceptional versatility in configurations
- 2 double lever locks anti jamming, 2 locks in the upper lid
- 2 locks in the front lid

Internal Configuration

- Removable upper tray
- 1 drawer h 30 mm. with two-color pre-cubed sponge h 30 mm.
- 1 drawer h 60 mm. containing removable trays for small parts of different sizes
- 1 drawer h 60 mm. 1 drawer h 60 mm. with pre-lubricated sponge two colors h 30 mm. - 1 drawer h
95 mm. empty
- 2 drawers for small parts h 30 mm. mod. WL01 (6 compartments each)
- 2 small parts h 30 mm. mod. WL02 (13 compartments each)
- 1 small parts h 30 mm. mod. WL04 (10 compartments)

Technical Specifications

Internal dimensions

mm 581 381 455 59 396

Weight Kg 14,10

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