TISSEL 200 are compact pumping units consisting of a centrifugal electric pump with integrated speed regulator (inverter) complete with external pressure sensor to be applied at one point in the system.
Robust and simple to use, they are ideal for simultaneously generating a constant pressure in all taps.
The integrated speed regulator has forced ventilation and an IP 54 protection rating. It receives a single-phase alternating voltage (230±10% V - 50/60 Hz) and supplies a three-phase alternating output voltage that powers the motor of the electric pump with efficiency class IE3.
Wear of the electric pump is reduced as it runs at a low speed for most of its life and is started and stopped in a progressive manner.

Significant energy saving as at low flow rates it is like having a lower power pump running.


- Dry running

Stops the pump after a few seconds and performs programmed restarts over time to check water return.

- Runs with less than minimum set pressure

Stops the pump after a few seconds (e.g. when there is a pipe break).

- Currents - voltages - temperatures

Limits currents; alarms for out-of-limit voltages; protects against over-temperature and short-circuit between output phases.