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Pedrollo BICANAL submersible stainless steel BCm 10/50-ST electric pump
  • Pedrollo BICANAL submersible stainless steel BCm 10/50-ST electric pump
  • BC- ST performance curves and data

Pedrollo submersible BICANAL single-phase electric pump BCm 10/50-ST

BCm 10/50-ST

Pedrollo submersible single-phase BICANAL stainless steel BCm 10/50-ST electric pump

BC-ST stainless steel submersible pumps are recommended for the drainage of dirty and sewage water in the domestic, civil and industrial sectors.

They are equipped with a BICANAL impeller that allows the pumping of liquids with suspended solids up to Ø 50 mm with short fibres.

They are suitable for pumping wastewater and sewage, surface water, water mixed with sludge in uses such as: holiday homes, cottages, single-family dwellings.

These pumps are characterised by reliability, particularly in fixed installations with automatic operation.

Liquid type: Slurry water

Uses: Domestic, civil, industrial

Uses: Drainage, handling slightly dirty water, drainage

Type: Submersibles

Family: Submersibles

Pump body: AISI 304 stainless steel, fitted with ISO 228/1 threaded port

Impeller: BICANAL type in micro-cast AISI 304 stainless steel

Power cable standard equipment 10 metres

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Technical Data Value
Model BCm 10/50-ST
Liquid type Dirty water
Phase Single-phase
Power kW 0.75 KW
Performance Q l/min 50 ÷ 600
H/m 11 ÷ 2
Nozzles asp -
mand 2"
Weight 12.4 kg


Liquid temperature up to +40 °C

Depth of use below water level up to 5 m

Passage of suspended solids up to Ø 50 mm

For continuous service minimum immersion: 300 mm

Curve e dati di prestazione BC-ST

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BCm 10/50-ST
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Data sheet

Engine Type
Single phase
Liquid type
Dirty water
Motor Power (HP)
1 HP