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Lifting unit SAR 250 - BCm 10/50-ST Pedrollo

SAR 250 – BCm 10/50-ST

Lifting unit SAR 250 - BCm 10/50-ST Pedrollo

Storage and lifting unit for dirty or sewage wastewater

Liquid type: Dirty or sewage water

Uses: Domestic, civil, agriculture

Uses: Lightly soiled water handling

Type: Submersible

Family: SAR

The picture is for demonstration purposes. The lifting station is supplied with the electric pump BCm 10/50-ST


  • 250-litre polyethylene tank with cover
  • Electric pump complete with float switch
  • Power supply cable standard equipment 10 metres with Schuko plug
  • Switch cabinet (only for SAR 250-TR)
  • Storage stations with an inlet pipe Ø110 mm, a 1¼" or 1½" or 2" gas outlet and a DN 50 or DN 75 vent
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Technical Data Value
Model SAR 250 - BCm 10/50-ST
Phase Single-phase
Power kW 0.75 KW
Performance Q l/min 600
H/m 11
Weight 60.5 kg

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SAR 250 – BCm 10/50-ST
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Tank capacity
250 liters