Battipav PROFI EVO 45 manual tile cutter
  • Battipav PROFI EVO 45 manual tile cutter
  • Battipav PROFI EVO Manual Tile Cutter
  • Battipav PROFI EVO Manual Tile Cutter
  • Battipav PROFI EVO Manual Tile Cutter

Manual tile cutter Battipav PROFI EVO 45


Manual tile cutter Battipav PROFI EVO 45

Super professional tile cutter "A SPINTA" for straight and diagonal cuts of ceramic, single-fired and stoneware.

Aluminum cart equipped with two ball bearings for perfect smoothness and maximum precision. Equipped with goniometric square for diagonal cutting, adjustable from -45° to 0 to +45°.

  • Max. cutting length 450 mm
  • Tile size diagonal cut: 320×320 mm

PROFI EVO 45 tile cutter
Max cutting length 450 mm
Max tile size for diagonal cut 320x320 mm
Max cutting thickness From 5 to 15 mm
Cutting method Pushing
Machine weight 8.2 kg
Cutting wheel size Ø15x6x1,5 mm
Bracket Standard
Spare wheel kit Standard
Lateral extensions Standard
  • Carriage equipped with two adjustable ball bearings for perfect sliding and maximum precision: the upper one is self-adjusting in height, the lower one adjusts the play on the bar. The quick start system (two lateral springs) brings it back to the initial position at the end of each cut. The comfortable handle has a soft grip for daily use.
  • MONOBLOCK goniometric square with a lectern shape on which the millimeter scale is positioned; therefore you will have a direct reading of the measure to cut.
  • Lateral extensions for large format tiles.
  • Shaping of the aluminum base for maximum rigidity and lightness at the same time.
  • Work surface with special springs (4 x each side), which guarantee a quick separation of the cut part and an excellent finishing result.
  • A new design of the side supports guarantees great stability when cutting large formats. The particularly long extension makes cutting comfortable and safe.
  • Extra spare wheel already included
  • Aluminum breaking foot, equipped with a rubber part to prevent scratches and a magnet placed on the foot that allows you to perform the entire engraving in one move. Then, by lifting the handle, the foot is immediately ready to perform the tile separation.

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Max cutting length (cm)
From 40 to 60 cm