Stihl HP Super 5 litre mixture oil for 2-stroke engines
  • Stihl HP Super 5 litre mixture oil for 2-stroke engines

Stihl HP Super 5 liter mixture oil for 2 stroke engines


Stihl HP Super blend oil 5 liters for 2-stroke engines

100 ml in 5 liters of gasoline

Ratio 1:50

The high-performance engine oil STIHL HP Super was developed by our company for use with two- and four-stroke mixture lubrication engines of hand-held work equipment. It combines outstanding lubricity with particularly clean combustion. If you use the high-performance engine of your equipment under full load for a long time, you will be making a good choice with STIHL HP Super.


Super adapted. Clean Work
STIHL HP Super enables very clean combustion by reducing accumulations in the combustion chamber, on the piston breech, on the silencer walls and in the exhaust channels. This ensures a consistently high engine output and a long service life for the units
Super protection under difficult conditions
With its good lubricating properties, it protects both hot engines of high-revving chainsaws and equipment used especially at low temperatures from wear
Little smoke for lots of power
STIHL HP Super has a decisive advantage over conventional low-smoke oils: it reduces pollution while retaining its optimum lubricating properties. This makes it suitable even for heavily loaded engines
All green. Super
STIHL HP Super has good self-mixing properties. Thanks to the transparent green coloration, mixing can be well controlled.
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