Stihl HP Ultra 10 x 100 ml mixture oil for 2-stroke engines
  • Stihl HP Ultra 10 x 100 ml mixture oil for 2-stroke engines

Stihl HP Ultra 10 x 100 ml mixture oil for 2-stroke engines


Stihl HP Ultra 10 bottles of 100 ml mixture oil for 2 strokes engines

Stihl HP Super 1 liter mixture oil for 2 strokes engines

100 ml in 5 liters of gasoline

Ratio 1:50

Perfectly suited for air-cooled two-stroke and 4-MIX engines with mixture lubrication systems, with and without catalytic converter. STIHL HP Ultra combines excellent lubricity with an extremely low tendency to coking. The result: excellent lubrication performance, excellent cleanliness and excellent protection for your high-performance engine, particularly in continuous and full-load operation.


With STIHL HP Ultra the piston is always as good as new even after 500 hours of operation
Common oil
If ordinary oil is used, the piston can become very dirty at the edge and on the rings. This can lead to engine failure or even expensive engine breakdown.
Excellently adapted. Ultra clean
STIHL HP Ultra contains an ash-free combustion wear additive package. No sodium and calcium sulfate ash is formed in combustion. Using synthetic esters as lubricating components, this high-performance engine oil ensures very clean combustion. In addition, STIHL HP Ultra is particularly environmentally friendly as it is almost free of biodegradable sulfur - more than 80 % in 21 days
Excellent lubrication. Ultra protection
Selected anti-wear additives promote the formation of thin protective layers on the sliding metal surfaces of the engine that prevent direct contact between the surfaces. This increases service life and prevents engine seizure
Excellent performance Ultra long
With its extremely low coking tendency, STIHL HP Ultra prevents oil residue and build-up in the engine housing, piston, exhaust valve and spark plugs. Faulty ignition or clogged valves are a thing of the past. You'll be able to enjoy your powerful engine's ability to deliver consistently high performance for a long time to come
All ultra green. Excellent
STIHL HP Ultra has optimum self-mixing properties. Thanks to its intense green coloration, you can control mixing with ease. STIHL HP Ultra can also be used alternately with other two-stroke oils (please note the manufacturer's specifications).
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