Stihl HP mixture oil 1 litre for 2-stroke engines
  • Stihl HP mixture oil 1 litre for 2-stroke engines

Stihl HP mixture oil 1 liter for 2 strokes engines


Stihl HP mixture oil 1 liter for 2-stroke engines

100 ml in 5 liters of gasoline

Ratio 1:50

The ability to produce good performance and the service life of high-performance machines STIHL also depend on the quality of the engine oil. This is because only a good-quality engine oil can reliably reduce friction and thus wear. Our premium mineral-based motor oil STIHL HP is suitable for most air-cooled, two-stroke high-performance engines (with separate lubrication system and mixture) in mild and hot climate regions.



Well adapted. A clean solution.

STIHL HP was developed specifically for the needs of engines STIHL. This high-performance engine oil reduces coking in the combustion chambers and exhaust system and is compatible with seals. Thus it contributes to the high level of performance of our equipment, even in continuous service and at full load.

Good protection. Day in, day out.

STIHL HP guarantees lubricity and wear protection as well as a long service life for your engine. Solid performance. Low coking. During combustion, STIHL HP leaves only small residues in the engine. This avoids auto-ignition, uncontrolled combustion and spark plug failure. The engine's performance capability is maintained for a long time.

All red. Good.

The two-stroke engine oil STIHL HP has good self-mixing properties. Thanks to the intense red coloration, you can control mixing well.
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