Electric saw COMER E23 with 20 cm bar
  • Electric saw COMER E23 with 20 cm bar
  • Electric saw COMER E23 with 20 cm bar
  • Electric saw COMER E23 with 20 cm bar
  • Electric saw COMER E23 2300W with 30 cm bar and MM chain

Electric saw COMER E23 2300W with 20 cm bar and MM chain

EE21 20CM

Electric chain saw COMER E23 2300W for tuff and poroton with bar with 20 cm roller and widia chain for cutting light building materials, for alterations, openings, adjustments and restoration.

The manual electric saw for building COMER E23 with CE norms is the result of the experience COMER in the field of dry cutting of all light building bricks.

It represents for the user a safe and reliable tool guaranteeing a fast and precise cut, without dust and waste of material, leaving the cut part ready for the laying for a high saving of material.

Optimal for use in the building sector, avoiding the dangerous kickbacks and frequent breakages typical of electric saws with higher rpm, usually used, instead, only in the gardening sector.

COMER E 23 is particularly suitable for cutting into mortar joints, for opening doors and windows, for finishing rooms and in any case where immediate on-site intervention is required on bricks such as Poroton and Alveolater, Gasbeton, Ytong, Siporex, Eraclit, Tufi and expanded cellular cements and similar.


Motor type Single phase double insulation
Voltage 230v - 50 hz
Power 2300 w / 3.1hp
Number of turns 2400 rpm
Weight 7.6 kg
Motor saver Equipped with thermal manual motor protector
Dimensions 880x190x320mm
Safety Safety chain brake
Sprocket pitch 404

Standard equipment

  • Bar, bar cover, chain
  • Tool bag, use and maintenance booklet
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EE21 20CM
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