Block sawing machine Battipav EXPERT 700
  • Block sawing machine Battipav EXPERT 700
  • Block sawing machine Battipav EXPERT 700
  • Block sawing machine Battipav EXPERT 700
  • Block sawing machine Battipav EXPERT 700

Used Battipav EXPERT 700 Three-phase Block Saw


Battipav EXPERT 700 block sawing machine

The EXPERT 700 is an ideal sawing machine for the building site.

Innovative, with advanced technical solutions, solid, compact and precise, it is suitable for cutting bricks, poroton manufactures, stone blocks and materials intended for construction.

It performs cuts with carriage advancement and is designed to work with discs Ø 650 or Ø 700 mm.

Equipped with:

  • Three-phase motor 400V~50Hz 5,5Hp / 4Kw with thermal and amperometric protection
  • Minimum voltage switch with manual reset current circuit breaker
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • Sliding trolley and tilting cutting head
  • Wheels kit
  • Adjustable legs
  • Adjustable goniometric square
  • Water recirculation pump type S3


  • Max cutting length: 550 mm
  • Max cutting depth: 270 mm
  • Max cutting depth in 2 STEPS: 340 mm
  • Tank capacity (min/max): 21/32,5 Lt
  • Works with water
  • Disc Ø700 mm not included.


Made of drawn aluminum for maximum solidity and, at the same time, lightness.

Equipped with four handles for transport and handling.


Rigid bridge structure to support the motor head unit.


Cutting height adjustment system by means of handwheel and locking lever.


Cutting position with carriage advancement.


Used EXPERT 700 Saw
Max cutting length

Disc Ø700 = 550mm

Disc Ø650 = 580mm

Max tile size for diagonal cutting

Disc Ø700=389×389 mm

Disc Ø650 = 410x410mm

Max cutting thickness

Disc Ø700=270mm

Disc Ø650 =240mm

Recommended tool diameter Ø700 mm
Tool internal diameter Ø25.4 mm
Engine power 5.5Hp/4Kw, 8A
RPM 1400/1700min-1
Tray capacity Min 21/Max 32 liters
Motor Voltage THREE-PHASE - 400V~50/60Hz
Machine dimensions 1540x900xH1630mm
Machine weight 95 kg
Bracket Standard
Worktop size 515x520mm
Wheels Standard
Thermal protection 160°C
Laser tracker Standard
Srs phase inverter Optional

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