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Motor-driven brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R
  • Motor-driven brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R
  • Motor-driven brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R anti-vibration system
  • Motor-driven brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R electronic ignition

Motor Brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R

FS 120 R

Motor-driven brushcutter STIHL FS 120 R with round handle

For mowing large areas with tough grass.

  • Electronic ignition for optimal start and operation
  • Compensator that regulates the fuel-air mixture
  • Circular handle for trimming and cleaning work in tight spaces
  • Multi-function handle for easy and reliable operation. All controls are one-handed
  • Adjustable handle without tools
  • Anti-vibration system STIHL that reduces vibrations allowing you to work with less fatigue
  • ElastoStart STIHL which reduces kickback during start-up
  • Manual fuel pump to reduce the number of pulls by 40%
  • Single shoulder strap as standard.

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Technical DataValue
displacement cm³30.8
Standard cutting tool1)Nylon thread head
power kW1.3
power HP1.8
weight kg2)6
sound pressure level with synthetic tool dB(A)3)94
sound pressure level with metal tool dB(A)3)98
total length cm4)176
fuel tank capacity oz21.6
contents l0.64
number of turns with Pmax turns9,000
k-factor according to 2006/42/EC2.5
k-factor according to 2006/42/EC2.5
daily exposure duration h3.5
A(8) daily dose of vibration 1 to the right m/s24.6

1) AutoCut C head
2) No fuel, no cutting tool, no protection
3) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB(A)
4) Without cutting tool

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FS 120 R
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