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CP 158 Pedrollo three-phase centrifugal electric pump
  • CP 158 Pedrollo three-phase centrifugal electric pump
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CP 158 Pedrollo three-phase centrifugal electric pump

CP 158

CP 158 Pedrollo three-phase centrifugal electric pump

Recommended for pumping clean water without abrasive particles and liquids that are chemically non-aggressive for the pump materials.

Thanks to their reliability and simplicity of use, they are widely used in the domestic and civil sectors, in particular for water distribution in combination with small and medium sized self-storage tanks, for decanting and for irrigating gardens and vegetable gardens.

Installation is to be carried out indoors or otherwise protected from the weather.

Liquid type: Clean water

Uses: Domestic, civil

Uses: irrigation, cooling systems, air conditioning systems, water supply, tank transfer, pressurisation systems

Typology: Surface

Family: Centrifuges


  • Pump body in cast iron with cataphoresis treatment fitted with ISO 228/1 threaded ports
  • Cover in AISI 304 stainless steel (cast iron for CP 170-170M-190-200)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel impeller
  • AISI431 stainless steel drive shaft
  • Double mechanical seal with interposed oil chamber
  • Thermal motor protection incorporated in the winding
  • Standard power cable 10 metres
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Technical Data Value
Model CP 158
Liquid type Clean water
Phase Three-phase
Power kW 0.75 KW
Performance Q l/min 10 - 90
H/m 34 - 25
Nozzles asp 1''
mand 1"
Weight 12 kg


Manometric suction height up to 7m

Liquid temperature from -10°C up to +90°C

Ambient temperature up to +40°C

Max. pressure in pump casing

  • 6 bar for CP 100-130-132-150-158
  • 10 bar for CP 170-190-200

Continuous duty S1

Curve e dati prestazione CP

Product Details
CP 158
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Data sheet

Engine Type
Three phase
Liquid type
Clean water
Motor Power (HP)
1 HP