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Motor Brushcutter STIHL FS 70 RC-E

FS 70 RC-E

Motor brushcutter STIHL FS 70 RC-E

For mowing large areas with tough grass.

With STIHL ErgoStart, multifunctional handle, round handle, 2-MIX engine, simple shoulder strap.

Standard equipment:

  • 2-MIX: The new engine STIHL 2-Mix convinces with low emissions and high performance.Circular handleZoom
  • Circular handle: suitable for most work in the garden and on the ground. Particularly practical for finishing and cleaning work in confined spaces.
  • Multi-function handle (R)
  • STIHL ErgoStart (FT): easy and fatigue-free starting thanks to an additional spring between the crankshaft and starter rope drum. To reliably start STIHL tools equipped with ErgoStart, simply pull with two fingers, smoothly and evenly. Standard on all models with the C-E designation.
  • Manual fuel pump: Pressing the manual fuel pump several times before starting reduces the number of pulls by about 40%. As a result, sufficient fuel is available more quickly when starting.
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Technical DataValue
Tank capacity l 0.34
Displacement cm³ 27.2
Total length m 1) 1.7
Weight kg 2) 4.8
Power kW/HP 0.9/1.2
Standard cutting tool 3) GSB 230-2
Vibration left/right m/s² 4) 6.6/6.6
Sound power level dB(A) 5) 107.0
Sound pressure level dB(A) 5) 95.0

1) Without tool
2) Without cutting/repair tool
3) AutoCut C head
4) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s²
5) K-factor according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 (dB(A))

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FS 70 RC-E
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